Data Diode

Data Diode

A Hardware based Secure Communication Device


Many organizations in some specific use-cases require the data transfer only in one direction for the security. This application is useful where the user is aware that there will be no data coming to the organization from that network-node and the only requirement is to send data from the organization on a specific node-point.

It is full hardware-based solution. It does not contain any microcontroller or any core and it is fully based on Hardware implementations for all the executions. So, there is no software, which implies no virus/malwares can attack this system. It can send data only in one direction from Anode port to Cathode port, these two ports are physically separate. Even if multiple users are connected to anode end, data diode allows only packets of configured devices to cathode. The data transfer from Cathode to anode is completely blocked and logged for monitoring. Any unidirectional-Syslog, Netflow/sFlow packets are supported from anode to cathode.

To configure the device, separate physical port known as Mgmt/log port is present on the data diode, this port can be accessed by data diode’s easy to use GUI software, which has password-based user authentication, with this interface user can view or add or edit or delete the address in allowed address list of data diode. The same interface provides access to both anode and cathode blocked packet logfiles.


  1. 1. STQC Labs certified product for EMI/EMC (FCC part 15 class ).
  2. 2. 1U server rack mountable chassis.
  3. 3. 1G ports for ingress and egress populated with SFPs (Optical/Electrical).
  4. 4. 1 Management/log ethernet port (RJ45)
  5. 5. Provides data transfer in single direction for requested device addresses only.
  6. 6. On the Cathode the traffic is blocked at the Layer-2 level itself.
  7. 7. User can add up to 255 device addresses to the list of allowed addresses.
  8. 8. Has separate channel for Configuration of data diode and logging of packet information
  9. 9. User Customized Syslog protocol for local logging of blocked packets.
  10. 10. Has password protected user interface software to access the data diode configuration
  11. 11. Supports data transfer speed of 10M/100M/1G.
  12. 12. It is a hardware solution; no software is present on the data diode device.
  13. 13. Physical Tamper evident.

Use Cases:

Headquarter to branch unidirectional communication

Collection of sensor data from fields

Secure Data Backup

Secure System Updates

Threat Logging