A Hardware based Encryption Device


Abhed-1 is a dedicated secure hardware-based offline and online encryption device for transacting classified data over Public / Open Data networks.

The purpose of the device is to undertake encryption of any data format with data files read from either a USB or Ethernet source and transfer the encrypted data to a different target USB media device or transferred over public domain.

The hardware-based device is needed to encrypt, decrypt and handle data on either end.

Active Implementation:

After Chipspirit won the Prestigious iDEX challenge in March 2019, We are co-developing the Hardware security solutions with Indian Defence under the Make-In-India initiative by Ministry of Defence.

The Secure hardware will enable our armed forces to have offline security with their own systems in place. With this hardware implementation the Graded secure data handled with self driven algorithms will be faster, simple and secure.

Use Cases:

Secure Video Conference

Defence Missions

Secure Data Transfer

Secure File Explore

Secure Data Backup

Secure Online Key Exchange

Product concept & Definition

  1. Challenge Title: "Secure hardware based offline Encryptor Device for Graded Security"
  2. Challenge Description: Product definition: Product Functional Specification:

    i. A dedicated secure hardware (FPGA/ASIC) based offline encryption device is for transacting classified data over Public/Open networks.
    ii. The device is to undertake file/folder level encryption with data flies read off from USB media device and written to separate USB, media device.
    iii. The hardware-based device is to encrypt, decrypt and handle common Windows/ Linux file system over USB on either end.

Awards and Reviews:

Winners in Secure Hardware Encryption Device Challenge


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