Front end design

Front End is the beginning to the other successful Ends

Block level IP-design, SoC Integration.

Every IP’s Block needs to be specified clearly at signal + interaction levels for quality results. Clearer definitions improves the chances towards A0 success.


The Architecture defines how to implement the design to logic cells and we define the uArch with Detailed signal level specifications

Detailed-signal level specs.

For good quality, you need details and for that need to get into details, each signal matters : Spec It !!!

Behavioural synt-code, with coding guidelines.

Behavioural synt-code with coding guidelines”  “A well written code makes the synthesis easier and perfect along with assisting the debug during verification cycles to reduce the complete design time, and we give due importance to the coding guidelines to make this perfect

Code verification / LINT / DFT / PWR / Initial-Synt.

Code verification / Lint / DFT / PWR / Initial-synt / Feedbacks” : “with the initial synthesis and additional steps to check the code intent it gives much needed confidence to take the synthesizable code to the next levels of implementations and verification” “Also here the Architecture, Physical design, timing, verification and related teams’ feedbacks will be continuously implemented till it is satisfactory for a successful project milestone requirements

Arch, PD, Timing, Clock/Reset, CDC checks, feedbacks.

Chipspiritians know the top-down impacts of the definitions, on the final silicon, we therefore get closer to better clarity at the top-level and define things starting from root to the leaf. Once clocks, reset architectures are defined the CDC and RDC checks give confidence in the RTL level!!!

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews…

There are cross-functional reviews to come to a common ground of understanding on the project milestone implementation closures. Here we decide on must-haves and requirements in the next milestone and review the closed aspects with code reviews or log-reviews as per the need, connect with us to reviews us on your needs… and we have review checklists to check the needed implementations as per milestones